Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is that your natural Color ??

Was he born with it or is it .....
This is a new look for my 19 year old son, Quinlan.
 A 2nd year student in Agriculture and Heavy Duty Mechanics at a college in Alberta.
When the call went out for a volunteer to dye his hair for a Breast Cancer fund raiser 
he was quick to step up. 
Not afraid to go pink for a good cause !
We are really proud of him that he has the self confidence to do this, 
especially within such a testosterone faculty !
My two girls have also supported cancer fund raising by cutting 8 inches of their hair off and sending the hair to an organization that makes wigs for patients in cancer therapy.
So, it's Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil days -  buy some daffodils, do what you can and give generously !


gz said...

It reminds me of a friend of one of my sons. At secondary school, he was told, when he had blue hair, "we don't mind dyed hair, but can you do it a natural colour?".............................he dyed it green!!
Very natural!!

ladyofclay said...

clever fellow ! He could have argued that the blue was natural as well !!