Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'd Rather be Potting

If I was a bumper sticker kind of girl, the title of this post is what my bumper sticker would say !

Instead of making pots I've been:

Moving equipment across wintery roads

March 23, 2011. My 16 year old daughter had a day off school and she was quickly enlisted to move
 the extractor out to a field
I'm following behind with the 15 ton tandem grain truck

here the extractor is set up to a bag and auguring the grain into the truck

I'm standing at the end of the 10,000 bushel bag here.
There's quite a bit of snow in the fields this year so that has to be cleared away from the bag with snow plows and some human shoveling before we start .

dumping the grain into the storage bins in our yard

during harvest, out of necessity, some of the grain is bagged with a high moisture content. It must be dried before shipping or storage.
The high moisture grain goes into the wet bin on the right, augerd into the dryer (you can see the steam) the the dry grain is then augered into the holding bin on the left before being shipped or stored

here we are loading railroad cars for shipment. The grain is usually shipped by rail across the  prairies, over the Rocky Mountains and out to ports on Canada's west coast, either at Vancouver or Prince Rupert. 

This is a shot of my studio from my kitchen window... where I'd rather be !


Hollis Engley said...

Yikes. OK, no more complaining about how the winter is still holding on here on Cape Cod.

Jenna said...

Looks cold! Nice pictures & love the new background!

ladyofclay said...

Hollis, I saw on your blog how you had another inch of snow last week... I think we are all ready for winter to be done ! The next season here is Mud.
Actually,Jenna, the temperature wasn't that bad, the wind chill was the miserable factor !

Trish said...

Hi THAT is what you've been up to..quite a job getting that wonderful western grain off to market. THANK YOU to you and all farmers!..:)..Your studio looks lonely...and a cozy refuge in the snow..Isn't it something? We have four feet in our backyard!!
crazy...Here's to spring!
Cheers. Trish

ladyofclay said...

4 feet, Trish ! ??
If we get a fast melt you're going to have a backyard swimming pool !

Trish said...

Hi...yes, well, maybe 4 feet is a bit of an stretch..hahah...maybe 2 and a half..and four off the any case, there IS a lot to melt. :) in the west.
..hope you are back to the studio this week...cheers. Trish