Saturday, September 11, 2010

My New Ride

If the skies clear up and the wind blows and the sun shines, this is where I'm going to be spending the next 8 - 10 weeks. Our new Case IH was delivered awhile back. It's got 485 hp under the hood and a 40 foot header. Lots of lights- gonna need them.

This years growing season has been really crappy. The spring was late, cold and wet.  Normally, about 32 million acres of land are seeded in the spring. This year, heavy rains in the spring made the soil too wet and prevented many farmers from getting out into their fields.The result was that about 10 million acres of Saskatchewan farmland went unseeded this spring.

Rains have continued and have flooded out many of the plants that did get started. We weren't as bad off as some of the farmers in the eastern side of the province. Our crops were late into the ground and now almost a month behind normal development. I'm surprised we haven't had a hard frost yet but that is a certainty sometime in the coming week.  It’s that time of year. The days are getting shorter and we can’t seem to get a sustained period of warm, dry weather. It’s been a difficult growing season and so far the same pattern is holding for harvest. 

Q: What it's going to take to make me happy?
A: These guys pulling onto our land.

photo credit to William Dekay

Do you think I'm asking for too much ?? 

Saturday, September 04, 2010

A large serving of Linda, please.

small bowl by Linda Arbuckle

Best Part of Wakin-Up is breakfast with Linda. 
What a great way to start my day! 

Does this lady know how to use a brush and a color wheel, or what ?

Here's a little P.S. to my last post: John Bauman has a terrific post on photographing pots on his blog. See the Aug. 28th post.