Friday, April 22, 2011

Lotsa Pots

 The shop that carries my work called a couple of weeks ago and said their shelves were getting bare so I rolled up my sleeves and heated up my wax pan and did some glazing. I took photos as I was packing and the pots are gone and I am not especially pleased with the photos... oh well. As you can see - I don't stay with any one "look" for very long, so I guess it doesn't matter. These photos are more for my own use rather than a marketing use. Here are some of the results:

10" x 2.5" baking dish


7" x 3" altered bowl

squared baking dish wheat impressions

small octagon 6 1/4" medium octagon 91/4" diameterlarge tray with handles

mug with wheat impressions

1 quart coverd casserole

tray is approximately 13" and the small plates are 6.5"

standing plate 10 1/4" small octagon 6.5

same small plate as previous picture

8" carved bowl

7" bowl, 10 1/4" plate 11"x 4" bowl in the back
These are really bad pictures of some nice pots. The reds are much nicer and the pots look really lumpy and bumpy here but they're not !!

10 1/4 " plate behind the 11" bowl

10 1/4" plate again - still not a good representational picture - oh well !
Th-Th-Thaaat's all for now, folks.
I may up load a few more pictures of recent pots later but.... on to other things for now


Trish said...

Hi Colleen..WOW! these are some beautiful pieces! and thank you for the prices..that does help..and thanks for the comments on my blog..
I like all your pieces, but especially the colouring on the first mug, the carving on the red clay bowl and the pieces with the flowers..:) YOu have been busy.
Thanks for the birthday wishes --have had a great day. and now must get some sleep.
Have a great weekend.

ladyofclay said...

Thanks Trish.I delivered 85 pots and now my shelves are bare! Hopefully I can find some studio time in the near future but my farm duties are more demanding nowadays. The carving is new to me. Really time consuming but I do like the results. I have a couple of pictures of another bowl I did that I will eventually post. Pricing on those bowls is really hard because of the time involved!

My Sweet Prairie said...

oh your work is GORGEOUS! Where do you sell it? I'm in Saskatoon, and from NorthBattleford / Hamlin / Jackfish Lake. ; )
Good luck with your surgery! I really appreciate your message : )

ladyofclay said...

Thanks for taking a look and the good wishes ! I sell my work at the museum in Lloyd and occasional craft markets.